Heather Freiman

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200

Heather first dipped her toes in the waters of yoga in 1997 and became a dedicated practitioner in 2011. For Heather, yoga is an exploration of self, through which one can realize their innate potential — increasing confidence and strength while learning to connect to a greater energy. Heather was initially drawn to yoga as a relief from physical stress, and she truly fell in love as it began to calm and clear her busy mind.

In 2013, Heather completed the Classical Yoga Teacher Training program at Kashi Atlanta and began teaching soon after. She completed the Body of Light Immersion and Teacher Training with Gina Minyard in 2014 where she increased her knowledge of alignment, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and teaching.

As a teacher, Heather hopes to guide her students on the path to openness and connectivity of body and mind. She is a versatile instructor with classes designed to be accessible to all levels, and invites students to start where they are, and then go deeper — finding and cultivating their true self.

She helps students get the most benefit out of every pose with skillful alignment cues to ensure that joints stay safe and muscles stay engaged. Students leave her classes with a renewed sense of balance and energy. Heather asks students to harness their inner strength and push the edge of what they thought was possible, while staying mindful and compassionate to themselves!