Ganesha Deva Pimsler

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200 · Member

Ganesha Deva was first introduced to Swami Jaya Devi in 2000, and formally started studying with her in 2006. Through Swami, he has been blessed to meet his Guru Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and has grown exponentially since learning to live life at Their Feet. Ganesha Deva graduated from CYTT in 2007.

Ganesha Deva is a person in long-term recovery and through his teacher’s grace has learned to “use it all as fuel” to help him connect even deeper to the suffering of others.

Ganesha Deva is a nationally certified addiction counselor and speaks around the country on addiction related topics. He works with ACTS consulting in providing state of the art trainings for those seeking initial and re-certification as an addiction counselor. Ganesha Deva also facilitates staff development retreats as well as client development retreats. He serves as a consultant and counselor to a variety of agencies around the Metro Atlanta area. He also maintains a private practice where he serves those individually in need of substance abuse counseling. As a gifted counselor, he was recognized as the 2010 GACA (Georgia Addiction Counselors Association) New Counselor of the year. He is certified as a national addictions counselor, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and is also an Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist.

Ganesha Deva is passionate about recovery both his own as well as his clients’, believing that sometimes all we need is a helping hand and a fresh perspective. Grounded in the belief that “there are no throw-away people”, he loves to work with those suffering with addiction at a local homeless shelter in Marietta, GA. On a cellular level he believes that everyone has the capacity to recover from a life of active suffering in to a space of active healing. Ganesha Deva brings love, humor, and spirituality to everything he is involved in both on and off the mat.