Dharmanatha Lewis

Resident · Director of Office Operations Kashi Atlanta · Director of IT for a local non-profit

Dharmanatha Jaya (Robert Lewis) began studying yoga with Swami Jaya Devi in 1999 and quickly realized that his life was becoming enriched by what he was learning from both her and Ma Jaya. The emphasis on service work, or seva, created an opportunity for him to grow and he spent time volunteering weekly in the ashram’s service programs, eventually leading Kashi’s Care Team for many years. Ma Jaya’s deep compassion toward and outspoken insistence on the rights of the LGBT community as well as her unwavering support for those suffering with HIV and AIDS were unique in his spiritual seeking.

In 2005 Dharmanatha decided he wanted to deepen his commitment to his own evolution and became a resident of Kashi Atlanta. Today he is Director of the Front at the ashram and continues to focus on enriching the experience of both Kashi’s students and volunteers.

Director Office Operations: The purpose of this position is to understand all the activities necessary to operate the Kashi Atlanta office and front desk in order to develop the necessary processes, training and tools for an effective office to operate and thrive at the Ashram. The Office Operations Manager is critical to the day-to-day functioning of Kashi Atlanta because the majority of core daily processes and the direct interactions with all Kashi Atlanta customers occur through the office volunteers. The management of these volunteers, giving them sufficient training and tools to work effectively, while providing them with an opportunity for spiritual development, provides the foundation for all of Kashi Atlanta’s activities.