Avani Jaya


Avani Jaya (Sylina “Two Bears” Talini Yona), Ph.D. is a Seventh generation healer, channel, hypnotherapist and intuitive. She has worked in the medicine ways of her Creek and Cherokee Ancestors with her Grandmother since she was young. She spent many years studying the shamanic techniques and ceremonial practices with the Mayan Elders in Guatemala. While there she studied the ancient Mayan Calendar, learning the long count and mastering many sacred Mayan healing practices including the sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony.

She has been teaching Yoga and meditation since 1995 and is currently enrolled in our 300-hour Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training course. She has worked as an instructor at the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment, teaching skills for deeper connection and communication with Spirit. She also studied at The Monroe Institute and is certified as an Outreach Facilitator. Sylina holds a Ph.D in Herbal Medicine, Metaphysical Sciences, and Divinity. She has a Master of Science degrees in both Business Management and Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has dedicated her life to raising the consciousness on this planet and serving her community through healing modalities.