Weekend Immersions with Swami Jaya Devi

Swami Jaya Devi is leading five weekend immersions per year:

  • Three immersions in Atlanta
  • Our yearly Summer Yoga Retreat in Ft. Walton, FL
  • Durga Puja Retreat at Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, FL

The weekend workshops usually consist of one or multiple deep yoga asana practices, heart-opening Kirtan (Sanskrit chants), and teaching sessions by Swami Jaya Devi which include guided meditations.

In the main sessions Swami Jaya Devi, a caring and joyous spiritual master, will introduce the concept of the weekend, and guide you into meditation. You will have the opportunity to ask Swami questions and receive accessible teachings in a friendly and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

You usually come away encouraged and empowered with practical tools and tips for living your life more fearlessly and authentically, filled up as you learn from the struggles and successes of other students.


2018 Schedule:

February 16 – 18
Atlanta Weekend Immersion 1
Creating a Spiritual Breakthrough: Meeting Kali on the Midnight Path

June 1 – 3
Atlanta Weekend Immersion 2
Entering the Ground of Awareness: Pierce the Third Eye of Durga

August 3 – 5
Weekend Retreat at Dragonfly Yoga, Ft Walton, FL
Choosing Love as a Spiritual Path: When Abundance Overflows Your Heart

October 18 – 21
Durga Puja Retreat at Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, FL
She Lives Within You: Looking Through the Eyes of the Mother

November 30 – December 2
Atlanta Weekend Immersion 3
Living as a Conduit of Shakti: Dissolve into the Smoke of Surrender


2018 Community Events:

June 29 – July 1
Satsang: The Light That Flows Between Us — 
A Community Fundraising Celebration